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picture book sampler

CLINK (Balzer and Bray 2011) is an out-dated robot whose only skill seems to be making burnt toast. And so he sits on a shelf waiting for someone to want to buy him. Unfortunately, there are glitzier and more glamorous models who are snatched up leaving CLINK behind. Author and illustrator Kelly DiPucchio adds details in the illustrations that extend the text and deepen the empathy readers will develop as they read this picture book. Pair with IT'S A BOOK, THE JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE, and even THE VELVETEEN RABBIT for some interesting ladder rungs. <177>

OWLY AND WORMY: FRIENDS ALL AFLUTTER (Atheneum 2011) marks the picture book debut of graphic novelist Andy Runton. His GNs have already featured these two friends and now they come to the picture book scene. This wordless book uses thought bubbles to tell the story of Owly who is determined to bring butterflies to his flowers. He and Wormy plant and nurture but are only rewarded with two caterpillars. Of course, wise readers will know how this story will end, but the illustrations in bright and bold colors, the thought bubble equations, and the wonderful details (where Wormy sleeps at night for instance) will keep them engaged. <178>
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