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Celebrate Poetry with Paul Janeczko

Paul Janeczko is a poet, an anthologist, an educator and an award winning author of non-fiction (DARK SPIES was on the YALSA EXCELLENCE IN NONFICTION shortlist for 2011). And now, just in time for National Poetry Month, Paul gives teachers this gem:

READING POETRY IN THE MIDDLE GRADES: 20 POEMS AND ACTIVITIES THAT MEET THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS AND CULTIVATE A PASSION FOR POETRY (Heinemann 2011). There is a great deal promised in this title, and Paul delivers it all. The poems range from contemporary selections from Naomi Shihab Nye and Nikki Grimes (and Paul, too) to Frost, Longfellow, and Blake. Each "chapter" has a BEFORE READING section that discusses why Janeczko admires the poem, some companion poems (shades of reading ladders!), and any particular words that might need to be pointed out for young readers. Next, there is FIRST READING then CLOSE READING and AFTER READING. One of the things Janeczko advocates is annotating the text. Sometimes he provides some specific things for commentary; in his introduction, Paul provides an example of his own annotating. Ideas for writing, for reading aloud, for book bridges (ladders by any other name) and some online resources round out the wealth of material contained in this book. Teachers who work with students in grades 4-12 will find valuable information here. <176>
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