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KICK (HarperTeen 2011) is a collaborative novel written by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman. Workman sent an email to Myers several years ago telling the author how much he admired the novels Myers had written. That first email eventually ended with the two co-authoring this novel. Chapters are told in alternating perspectives. Kevin Johnson is a teen who gets into some trouble with the police. As the son of an officer slain in duty, the judge hearing Kevin;s case asks an old friend, policeman Sergeant Brown to intercede. And so the novel moves on from the initiating incident with Kevin filling is the backstory of how he came to get into trouble. Sergeant Brown probes into Kevin's case as well as a case that is tangentially related. The story is fast paced. Having two narrators gives readers some different lenses through which to view the vents as well. <175>
Tags: co-authors, walter dean myers, ya
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