professornana (professornana) wrote,

leaving Mississippi

Heading home to pack for TLA in Austin. Still have some work to do for the booktalking sessions with my friend and colleague Rosemary Chance, but it will get done. Here is the book I read on my flight to New Orleans last week.

THE RITES AND WRONGS OF JANICE WILLS by Joanna Pearson (Arthur A Levine, July 2011) features a sharply acerbic observer in Janice Wills, would be anthropologist. High school in her small town of Melva, North Carolina, is giving ner plenty to write about, too. Each chapter begins with one observation which serves to set the scene for the action to unfold. Additional observations are sprinkled throughout the book. As the Miss Livermush Contest approaches, Janice finds herself falling in love with someone outside of her "tribe" and standing up to the mean girls who make up yet another tribe. Janice manages to face the facts about her life in Melva and her future as an anthropologist as she offers readers her snarky observations. <174>

Tie this one to CATALYST by Laurie Halse Anderson.
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