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some new picture books

Having to deal with lots of LJ down time lately, so these postings are being dated several days from today (this is April 5). I just have no way of knowing when I will find the time and LJ will also cooperate. Here are some of the picture books I managed to squeeze in between meetings on Monday at the office. Heading off to USM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, today. Gary Schmidt, Phil Bildner, Tom Barron, and others will speak. I get to do some booktalks with my pal Rosemary Chance and eat great food. I am also hoping to do some writing in the hotel room in the evenings.

I adore CLOUDETTE by Tom Lichtenheld and the lovely matter print of Cloudette that came with the book. Cloudette is tiny compared to the other clouds in the sky (the higher-ups). But when she sees a need for some rain, she comes to the rescue. Lichtenheld used rain water for the watercolor illustrations, a lovely touch. <167>

THE EDIBLE ALPHABET: 26 REASONS TO LOVE THE FARM by Carol Watterson (Tricycle 2011) is a complex concept book about things ranging from ants on asparagus to zucchini. The book floats through the alphabet and provides readers wil tons of details about soil, animals, crops, and farm life. Bold poster colors are attractive and attention getting and will allow readers to see even the smallest details. <168>
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