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what, me read?

Back from another road trip. About all I managed to read were the audiobooks I took along for the car ride. I listened to BUCKING THE SARGE, IDA B, and NO TIME LIKE SHOW TIME. SARGE was a wonderful audio production. I loved the book, so this was like re-reading for me. I got to sit back and simply take in the wonderful story. I do thin, though, that there are things I pick up in the listening that I do not see when I read a book for the first time. I think I catch more jokes, too. That surprises me as I am a very visual person. However, listening to audiobooks has transformed me to a more auditory mode apparently.

IDA B was also a re-read for me. I recall once again why I so liked this book (and I see it on lots of lists for Newbery picks). NO TIME LIKE SHOW TIME is a book that is part of a new series about Hermux Tantamoq, a mouse cum detective. I really liked this one--loads of puns and good humor in an animal fantasy that will appeal to those kids in intermediate grades.

Am almost done with GIRLS IN PANTS, the third book in the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS series by Brashares. Still loving this series. My 19 year old has asked if she can have the book next--miraculous as she does not read much for pleasure now that she is in college.

More later, I hope.
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