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So, I went and bought my iPhone today (and am getting ready to do the big SYNC). Interestingly enough, the book I selected for my Friday Read and #bookaday was Mike A. Lancaster's HUMAN .4. I say interesting since it, too, is about upgrading to some extent.

While he and three other members of the community are under hypnosis, the rest of Kyle's town undergo some rather disturbing changes. As a matter of fact, when Kyle first comes to after being hypnotized, it appears as if everyone except Kyle and the other 3 volunteers om the stage are under some kind of spell. They sit absolutely motionless while Kyle and the other 3 attempt to determine what has happened to the others and why they are not changed themselves. <165>

The story unfolds as a transcript from a series of audiotapes made by Kyle back at the beginning of all the changes (think 13 REASONS WHY) and proceeds almost like Invasion of the Body Snatchers (and the movie is indeed referenced in this book). What has happened to the others in the town. Why have Kyle and the other 3 remain unchanged? What will happen to the four now? Lancaster reveals clues and details slowly, drawing the reader even further into the world he has created (and he appears as the editor of this book, too). Absorbing and interesting and certain to appeal to contemporary readers who love technology or who are more luddite-like, this is a quick read.
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