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a few more picture books

HOW THINGS WORK IN THE YARD (Blue Apple 2011) by Lisa Campbell Ernst is a nonfiction book that talks about common things one might find in a yard from a soccer ball to dirt to a bird or a caterpillar. The double page spreads provide details and facts along with drawings and manage never to overcrowd the space. The spreads would make for excellent models for kids writing short reports as well. <160>

DON'T LET AUNTIE MABEL BLESS THE TABLE (Blue Apple 2011) by Vanessa Brantley Newton shows a multi-generational family gathering for a lovely dinner. However, when Auntie Mabel begins the blessing, the food soon grows cold and the family members begin to sag. The moral: Bless Auntie Mabel but do not let her bless the table. <161>
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