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Picture Books!

WON TON: A CAT TALE TOLD IN HAIKU by Lee Wardlaw with illustrations by Eugene Yelchin (Holt 2011) is exquisite. The language is spare (haiku) and the illustrations are bold, sometimes light and sometimes dark easily conveying mood and tone. Won Ton (not HIS name, he assures you) is chosen by a boy and transported to his new home. Readers will delight in watching the cat antics so perfectly captured in the illustrations and in the poetic structure and language. <155>

FELICITY AND CORDELIA (FSG 2011) are two very different bunnies. Lisa Jahn-Clough lets readers meet the two friends. One is reluctant to take risks, the other loves a challenge. So, when Felicity takes off in a hot air balloon, Cordelia stays home to prepare supper. Felicity's balloon crashes, but the two friends are reunited. <156>

As we near Easter, there are several bunny books out and about (see aforementioned Felicity and Cordelia). IF YOU'RE HOPPY by April Pulley Sayre (Greenwillow 2011) starts off with a fairly familiar rhythm and rhyme but soon segues into some a little less predictable and even more delightful. If you are hoppy, you could be a rabbit or a frog or a cricket. This becomes the new pattern for the tale which even takes a rather mysterious turn toward the end of the book. <157>

MAMA AND ME (Rayo 2011) by Arthur Dorros with brilliantly intricate illustrations by Rudy Gutierrez is a wonderful story of family. The text, liberally sprinkled with Spanish words and phrases (and all in context or defined within the text) features a young girl preparing a special gift for Mother's Day for her mama. <158>

And finally, we have THE LOOPY COOP HENS (Dutton 2011) by Janet Morgan Stoeke. How does the rooster manage to fly when the rest of the hens cannot seem to manage? Of course, there is a bit of a trick that is revealed. No matter, the hens still adore their rooster. <159>
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