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More Daniel Handler

Thanks to LJer (and talented author) David Lubar for asking me about a previous Handler novel of which I was unaware. I have now downloaded THE BASIC 8 and ADVERBS to the iPad for my next journey involving airplanes (next week). Neither was pubbed as YA specifically, and I would have been blissfully unaware had not the kind Mr. Lubar pointed me in that direction. How wonderful to find something new.

On another note, I am still afraid that my paltry blog posting about WHY WE BROKE UP just does not measure up to the verbal pyrotechnics of Handler. How tempting it would be to xerox passages and paste them into my blog. I resist only because I firmly believe one must experience this book in a huge gulping swallow and then later, much later, sit and sip or nibble delicately to enjoy that which went by in the haste to read the entire book.

Now on to see if I can locate some wonderful picture books to share with all of you before heading home later today. Here is a photo of the resident of the back bedroom from quite a few years ago. My better half is scanning our old photos and keeps sending me some of these blasts from the past. How cute is this kid? She still is, too, cute, I mean.

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