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GN fun

Some of you might note that the dates are a little ahead on my posts. Given my crazy schedule, I am trying to write posts ahead of time. What I have not learned how to do yet is to schedule them to post at a later time. So, I am simply changing the date for the post and getting them posted as I have the time. The post scheduled for this date (March 29) is appearing March 24. Confused? Ignore the date and just read the blog. On March 29 I am having a procedure on my eye (again) and I doubt that I will be reading or posting that day.

In any event, here is another new book for you to enjoy.

I love Dan Santat's work on the Bobby series from Lisa Yee, so I threw SIDEKICKS into the suitcase and read it over lunch today in Salt Lake City. Superheroes and pets: great combination for the humorous GN about a superhero who needs a new sidekick. His pets, a dog and hamster and the newly arrived chameleon all want the part. But there is a sidekick from the past who returns for the role as well. The humor is infectious; the text spare; and the illustrations elaborate. This triple threat makes for a perfect GN for intermediate and tween readers. Metal Mutt, Manny, Fluffy, and Shifty, along with their owner Captain Amazing are a great group to hang with. <153>
Tags: gn, superheroes, tweens
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