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riding on a jet plane

It is a nice long flight from Houston to Salt Lake City. Here I am tucked in among the mountains (snow covered still) for the UELMA celebration tomorrow. During the flight I finished this book.

THIS GIRL IS DIFFERENT by J J Johnson (Peachtree 2011) explores the consequences of beginning a revolution of sorts. It is Eve's first year in a school since her mother has home schooled her previously. Eve longs to fit into the high school and is happy when she meets cousins Jacinda and Rajas. Jacinda is a cheerleader and Rajas is, well, he's totally hot. School is beginning to look promising until Eve comes face to face with the authoritarian methods of some of the faculty. Her cell phone is taken from her despite other students busily using theirs (though ostensibly to search the internet for class assignments); she overhears a coach berate a cheerleader who she thinks is overweight. With Jacinda and Rajas, Eve creates an online blog: PLUTO (People's Lightning to Undermine True Oppression). Things get out of control, however, and Eve soon finds herself in even more trouble than she could ever have imagined. <152>

Johnson has penned a novel that does not have many easy answers about whether or not it is good to call out the oppressors and try to find justice. Though lighter in tone and with more humor, she explores the territory Cormier did years ago in THE CHOCOLATE WAR: does one dare to disturb the universe? Tie this one to PINK, LOOKING FOR ALASKA, YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME, PEACE LOVE AND BABY DUCKS, and many more.
Tags: blogs, debut novel, school, ya
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