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SQUISH, an amoeba you will love

From the fertile minds and talented pens of Jenni and Matt Holm comes a new GN series featuring SQUISH (Random House, May 2011). SQUISH is an amoeba. In case you were wondering what that is, the Holm duo (they are brother and sister) explain all things amoebic in the opening pages of the story. Squish's best friends are a paramecium named Peggy and another amoeba named Pod. Pod is always borrowing money from Squish for his latest scientific research (he is convinced that tacos are the answer to global warming); Peggy is quick to share with Squsih and anyone else for that matter. Illustrations are done in black and white with splashes of green throughout. What sets this GN series apart is similar to the reason why BabyMouse is such a hit, too: the characters (one celled creatures though they may be) are multi-dimensional. BTW, the character of SQUISH is introduced in the 14th BabyMouse book, so be sure to show kids the connections. Will BabyMouse make an appearance in SQUISH's series? Time will tell. <151>


We were looking for Scout this afternoon and finally found him atop the TV cabinet sleeping in front of one of our Nativity sets (we keep them up all year; my Mother loved hers and I have collected a couple which we give to the kids once they move out on their own). So here is Nativity Scout being watched over by the angels.

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