professornana (professornana) wrote,

some final picture books for the week

I love Margie Palatini and HOGG HOGG AND HOG is no exception (Simon and Schuster 2011). What very young readers will not "get" is the wonderful satire created here on popular culture. However, kids will still appreciate how some pigs and their friends become the toast of the town. <148>

MAMA, WHY? (McElderry 2011) is a love story perfect for bedtime. A young polar bear wonders about the moon and stars and the night sky. He is comforted by his mother. Simple but not simplistic language is accompanied by paintings that are as detailed as photographs rendered in blues and soft off whites by Simon Mendez. <149>

MOO MOO BROWN COW, HAVE YOU ANY MILK? (Random House 2011) by Phillis Gevshator with illustrations by Giselle Potter contains variations on the rhyme, "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?" The rhymes and the different animals and their offerings ultimately present readers with a lovely story of animals on a farm. <150>
Tags: picture books
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