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more picture books

George Ella Lyon provides readers with lyrical and poetic text that explains where ALL THE WATER IN THE ROLD (Atheneum 2011) originates and why it is essential that we keep the planet as green as we can. Illustrations by Katherine Tillotson are rendered to elaborate on the text which also becomes part of the illustration. <145>

CHICKEN CHICKEN DUCK (Tricycle Press 2011) by Nadia Krilanovich is a boisterous barnyard book about some animals bent on completing a task. What task is the the wonderful culmination to this book. Animals and their sounds are the few words that populate the bright and "loud" illustrations that will keep the pages turning. <146>

MY COLD WENT ON VACATION (Putnam 2011) by Molly Rausch with illustrations by Nora Krug is my personal favorite today as I have a cold and would love to send it on vacation. Our young character wonders where it is that his cold has gone now that it has left him. He imagines it winging across the country and visiting relatives and friends from afar. Would only that were true! <147>
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