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more picture books

Here are the remaining F&Gs from SCHOLASTIC. All will be published in the next 3-6 months.

When a rooster awakens him too early with his loud calling, the cat weaves a magic spell that has all of the animals speaking in other "languages." MEOW SAID THE COW by Emma Dodd will create some chuckles as horses quack and chickens oink. Illustrations are bright and range across the double page spread showing the chaos that ensues thanks to one sleepy cat. <140>

A budding scientist brings unwelcome guests into his house in NOT INSIDE THIS HOUSE by Kevin Lewis with illustrations by David Ercolini. However, Mother needs to reconsider her edict when the critters brought home get bigger and bigger. Perhaps a bug or two is not so bad? <141>

Pirates going to school? How could that possibly be a good thing? In PIRATES GO TO SCHOOL Corinne Demas and illustrator John Manders explore the ruckus that a group of eager pirates can cause when they hang up their swords and bring their parrots to story time. <142>

THE SLEEPLESS LITTLE VAMPIRE certainly does enjoy his evenings with skeletons and ghosts and bats and other creatures. Richard Egielski's illustrations combine the macabre and the humorous to provide a not-so-frightening read for kids. <143>

THE UNDERPANTS ZOO must be a wonderful place to visit. All of the animals have, of course, their own preferences when it comes to underpants. Some like it fluffy, some prtefer it to be loose. Snakes share a pair while octopi must have 4 pair. Brian Sendelback illustrations and bouncy rhyme will delight readers. <144>
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