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Special Edition: Picture Book Sunday

Returned home yesterday to a lovely box of F&Gs from Scholastic. This morning I read 9 of them. It was all I could manage with this blasted head cold though I hope to finish my airplane read later if my stuffiness clears up. All of these picture books are forthcoming from SCHOLASTIC in the next 3-6 months.

I love Kathleen Krull. When she was little, she wrote a book on hair. Now, all grown up and writing for children and tweens and teens, she gives us BIG WIG: A LITTLE HISTORY OF HAIR illustrated by Peter Malone. How did other cultures and civilizations regard hair and its maintenance and styles? In short and fascinating entries, Krull details styles from more than 4000 years ago to more contemporary times along with interesting facts about products used in the hair (pigeon poop and opium are my personal favorites). From powdered wigs to cures for baldness to hair dyes and adornments, kids will love learning all about hair. <136>

Little Boy Blue (he of the horn calling the sheep, cows, etc. from nursery rhymes) is now DETECTIVE BLUE by Steve Metzger with illustrations by Tedd Arnold. Detective Blue is out and about solving a case concerning a missing Miss Muffett. Along the way he encounters numerous characters and situations from other rhymes including Georgie Porgie, Humpty Dumpty, and Little Bo Peep. Readers will have a great time identifying the pictorial clues that point to other rhymes as well. <137>

EDDIE GETS READY FOR SCHOOL by David Milgrim is a perfect book to share with those who sometimes have a tough time getting it all together in time for departure to school. Eddie performs the usual routines such as brushing teeth and washing his face (wearing a snorkel mask) but adds others that might not be useful for getting prepared such as packing a cat in his backpack and drinking root beer. <138>

Frangoline is not ready to go to bed in FRANGOLINE AND THE MIDNIGHT DREAM by Clemency Pearce with illustrations by Rebecca Elliott. Instead, she clambers out of her room and spends time haunting and scaring other creatures of the night. Eventually, she returns home. Nicely dark illustrations highlighted by the vivid read of Frangoline's hair and her wide eyes work perfectly together. <139>
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