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gang aft aglay or Bobbie Burns nailed it

I have seen at least 3 references to the Robert Burns' poem about how plays often go astray in YA books of late. Boy was that true for this last week as we traveled to Florida for vacation. However, the supermoon was gorgeous at 3 am today as we packed our last things and headed off to the airport for our return trip. Here is the book I read at some point last week: glad to finally have time to post it out.

Sequels are tricky things, but Maryrose Wood nails it in this second book in the INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE series: THE HIDDEN GALLERY (Balzar and Bray 2011). Penelope Lumley, graduate of the Swanburne Academy, is once again in charge of the three Incorrigible children: Alexander, Beowulf, and Cassiopeia. She has taught them to wear clothes and eat with utensils and, more importantly, not to chase after squirrels (most of the time). When she receives a mysterious message from her former teacher asking Penelope to meet her in London, Lady Constance decides it would be a splendid idea for the entire family to move into London while repairs are being completed on their house (see Book #1 for reason why the repairs are needed). While in London, there are mysteries aplenty. Penelope and her charges have a fine time trying to solve the riddles with the help of some new friends. <135>

This is a stand alone book (though I highly recommend reading the first title as well) which is no mean feat in series work. Readers begin to glean more about Penelope and her parents, missing since her birth, and the origin perhaps of the three feral children over whom she is in charge now. A love interest is introduced (and we can only hope he makes a return appearance). Crazy characters, red herrings, riddles, and so much more make this not only a mystery but a humorous one to boot. More please!
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