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some final picture books, about animals, sort of

SAY HELLO TO ZORRO by Carter Goodrich (Simon and Schuster 2011) is a playful romp of a story. Mister Bud is the top dog, the only dog. He likes it that way. He has a schedule. All is good until Zorro shows up. Then the fur flies (for a while). My own Scout could fill in the Bud or Zorro role easily! <123>

Ken Kimura gives readers 999 TADPOLES (North South Books 2011). When the tadpoles are first born, all is well in the pond. But as they grow, problems arise. There is not enough room for them all. So, off they go in pursuit of a new place to live. When a hawk swoops down and grabs Father Frog, the 999 tadpoles hang on to him for dear life. An interesting tie in to this would be MILLIONS OF CATS! <124>

The night before they are to head off to school, the little mice are terrified. Mother Mouse has a solution in SEVEN LITTLE MICE GO TO SCHOOL by Haruo Yamashita with illustrations by Kazuo Iwamura (North Soutn Books 2011). This clever solution will leave readers chuckling. Tie it to the preceding book (999 TADPOLES) as well. <125>

Ah, siblings. In MY WILD SISTER AND ME by Iris Wewer (North South Books 2011), a younger sibling feels betrayed when, after a day of play, older sister goes off with a friend. This one is sure to strike a chord with older and younger siblings alike. <126>
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