professornana (professornana) wrote,

a few more picture books

Luli Gray and Guiliano Ferri give readers a slightly new take on a traditional story in ANT AND GRASSHOPPER (McElderry 2011). Yes, the ant is still hard working, putting aside his stores for the winter. The grasshopper irks said ant with his singing (which throws off ant's careful counting and accounting). Ant comes to the rescue but there is a lovely twist to this old tale. <120>

ANTS IN YOUR PANTS, WORMS IN YOUR PLANTS is subtitled GILBERT GOES GREEN (Harper 2011). Diane DeGroat presents some concrete ideas for young readers who want to do more to be environmentally friendly in her short picture book in which Gilbert has to come up with an original idea about how to be "green" <121>

Marcus Pfister (yes, the Rainbow Fish guy) gives readers QUESTIONS QUESTIONS (North South Books 2011). Rhymed couplets with illustrations cut from cardboard and used as stamps with acrylic paint pose some of the questions typical of young children. How do geese know to fly south? How do they know "south" at all? Interesting text and illustrative approach as well. <122>
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