professornana (professornana) wrote,

Snafu and other crap from medical community

I actually read 2 books today what with sitting in a doctor's office for a long time only to be told that he did not want to do the scheduled (I thought) procedure in his office. So, while I had time to read, I will have to wait to post until tomorrow.

My random act of kindness today was not screaming at the doctor, his staff, or my own family despite my frustration and level of fatigue. I have been dealing with this "thing" for a year and am back at square 1 plus have a bum knee to boot. Oh yeah, no aspirin or anything like that before the procedure now scheduled for the end of March. Gee, thanks for the bonus.

I promise to be less snarky tomorrow and actually write about books. In the meantime am considering sending bill to doctor for MY time.

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