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What a perfect picture book for older readers. THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN BY HUCKLEBERRY FINN WITH CONSIDERABLE HELP FROM ROBERT BURLEIGH AND BARRY BLITT is as exquisite an introduction to the work of Twain that you will ever find. Beginning with the "Warning to Readers" (which will sound awfully familiar to readers of Huck Finn) and continuing through its chapters that are not actual chapters (but have chapter headings that all begin with "ABOUT"), this picture book uses the dialect of Huck to relate the life of Huck's creator. It deserves praise and lots of attention from teachers as well as librarians who want to introduce one of the classic American authors to a new generation of readers (and not in the newly censored form either). Pair this one with Sid Fleischmann's THE TROUBLE BEGINS AT 8. <115>

Thanks to the lovely folks at Region X, especially Terry Roper and her compadres, for making me feel welcome, for sitting through a long day of workshop, and for their always enthusiastic response.
Tags: biography, humor, mark twain, parody
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