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more picture books

Kevin Henkes provides readers with a visual treat in LITTLE WHITE RABBIT (Greenwillow 2011). As a tiny white rabbit hops various places, he dreams of what it might be like to be green as the grass or to be able to fly among the butterflies. Simple line drawings with soft pastel colors along with minimal text make this an excellent book for young children. But do not overlook its value with older readers or its ties to other books such as William Steig's SYLVESTER AND THE MAGIC PEBBLE. <102>

DEAR TABBY (Harper 2011) by Carolyn Grant with illustrations by David Roberts is reminiscent of The Stevens' Sisters DEAR MUTT. Tabby receives a series of letters asking for advice. Some come from cats, others from dogs and birds. Humor is present in the text and in the playful illustrations. <103>

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Ward Jenkins team up in CHICKS RUN WILD (Simon and Schuster 2011). A mother hen puts her chicks to bed only to find them time and again running wild and romping instead of sleeping. Of course, she has a solution for her wild chicks. Bedtime books are wonderful for ladders since there are so many. But for a change of pace, tie this one to LET'S DO NOTHING. <104>

Does it get much better than this? Patricia MacLachlan (with her daughter Emily MacLachlan Charest) and David Diaz are the author-illustrator collaboration that brings readers BEFORE YOU CAME (Katherine Tegen Books 2011). A mother to be muses about her life before the arrival of her daughter. Bright and bold illustrations extend and elaborate the quiet text. Pair this one with ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN for an interesting set of read alouds. <105>
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