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more picture books

THE INVISIBLE MAN by Arthur Yorinks with illustrations by Doug Cushman (Harper 2011) tells the story of a grocer named Sy who sold fruit to cure all the ills of the people in his neighborhood. One day, though, he disappears, literally: he becomes invisible. He tries everything to come back but is forced to live his life invisible to all. The story takes some wonderfully zany twists and turns along the way to a happy ending. <99>

In A PET FOR PETUNIA Paul Schmid (Harper 2011), readers meet a determined child. Petunia wants a pet skunk! It will be a perfect pet for her. Unfortunately, her parents do not agree, and Petunia must set out on her own to find this perfect pet. Black and white and lavender illustrations are perfect accompaniment for this funny story of how Petunia finds the perfect pet. Or dies she? <100>
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