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reading with my ears

I have spent more than a few hours each day this week listening to the five finalists for the Teen Division of the Audie Awards ( The finalists are (in case you did not click on the linky thing): HERE IN HARLEM, ZORA AND ME, THE ROCK AND THE RIVER, WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON, and RAPTURE OF THE DEEP (a Bloody Jack adventure). I have listened to half of the finalists and am so enjoying them. This is a case where I had read some of the books already but not all of them. I am still fascinated with how listening is affected by whether or not the story is already familiar to the listener. When I get some spare time (yeah, like that will happen), I would love to do some research here. Does our knowledge of the plot and characters and such affect the way we approach the audio? If we come to the audio with no prior knowledge, how does that affect (ro does it?) the listening experience?

I was asked in the workshop last weekend in San Antonio about audiobooks and how to ensure that someone was getting the best in audio when he or she ordered audiobooks. I mentioned the Odyssey Award, Amazing Audiobooks, Notable Recordings for Children, the Audies, and the Booklist online column Audiobooker. All are excellent resources. And the more one listens to audio, the more familiar one becomes with the folks who can narrate ANYTHING and bring it to life. Take a look at the narrators whose work appears on the aforementioned lists. There is a place to begin.

And now, it is time to slide the headphones back on and dive back into my reading with my ears for the day.
Tags: amazing audio, audie awards, audiobooker, audiobooks, odyssey award
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