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PICK ME UP is a new offering from DK, the grand master of nonfiction books that are colorful and creative. What is distinctive about this new book is the organizational scheme (or is it a lack thereof?). Interested in anatomy? You might begin on page 6 and be directed to some information on page 132 and then sent back to page 93. Snippets of information about the general topic are spread throughout the book. I am such a linear sequential person that I found this structure disconcerting to say the least. However, I wonder if today's readers, reared on a steady diet of following links on the Internet, would prefer this unique piece of nonfiction? I am handing it over to my resident critics to see what they make of it.

PS: I handed the book to Natalie and, at first, she was a bit confused about the structure of the book. However, after a couple of minutes she was lost in the pages and is still flipping around in the book with her sister. Goes to show that kids are more flexible, right?
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