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April Fool

Phyllis is Punxatawney Phyllis, and she knows weather. However, when she predicts a blizzard on April first, everyone is certain Phyllis is playing a trick on April Fool's Day. Susanna Leonard Hill and Jeffrey Ebbeler provide readers a romping mystery in APRIL FOOL, PHYLLIS (Holiday House 2011). As the ground hogs and their friends track down the clues to a treasure, readers will follow along with glee. <90>

A BALL FOR DAISY (Schwartz and Wade 2011) is classic Chris Raschka. Textless, it show Daisy enjoying her red ball. It is a wonderful cushion while she sleeps and a grea toy to take along to the park. However, another dog pops the red ball, leaving Daisy forlorn. Of course, there will be a happy ending coming: another ball for Daisy, this time a blue one. <91>
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