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During the workshop Saturday in San Antonio, a participant asked how to "get started" reading more. My first suggestion was to check out a stack of picture books from the library and spend a couple of hours reading. Their 32 page length make it possible to read a handful of picture books with a short period of time. I do that each week, as you know if you visit here routinely. In part I do that to keep up with the children's end of the publishing world. I also do it, though, so that I feel some sense of accomplishment: I have read 5 or 10 books or so this week and it is only Monday. Somehow, I need that encouragement from time to time especially when it seems there is little opportunity for me to pick up a book and read it every day (my goal for this year). I also love picture books because there are precious few that would not work well with older readers, too.

Micehlle Meadows and Ard Hoyt bring readers a giggling treat with PIGGIES IN THE KITCHEN (Simon and Schuster 2011). Little pigs make a mess as they prepare a surprise for their mother. The rollicking rhyme lends an air of mischief to the story which is interrupted after each verse as the piggies peer worriedly out the window certain that Mama has come home too soon and the surprise will be spoiled. <87>
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