professornana (professornana) wrote,

busy day here in San Antonio

Had a terrific session this morning with librarians and teachers from Northeast ISD (about 100 of them). After the session, I drove across town to monitor a practice test for our students who will take the state certification exam in April. That gave me time to read GHOSTOPOLIS by Doung TenNapel (Scholastic Graphix 2010). Some runaway ghosts, a ghost chaser who works for the Supernatural Immigration Task Force, a young boy with an incurable disease and some other odd and quirky characters all end up in the afterworld, a place now dominated by one leader, Vaughner. Vayughner has made all of the other leaders (zombies, mummies, skeletons, etc.) work for him. Now he wants to take charge of Garth Hale, the ill boy who has been accidentally transported by the agent from the SITF. It seems Garth wields some power unusual for someone living among the dead. Lots of action and adventure, a family reunion, and even a charming romance all merge in this GN. <85>

Looking forward after the test monitoring to some good Mexican food here in San Antonio. We are using a meeting room in a high school library that doubles after school hours as the public library here in this community. It is so cool! And the librarian here is one of our grads, too.
Tags: afterlife, ghosts, gn
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