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surreal reality

NO PASSENGERS BEYOND THIS POINT by Gennifer Choldenko (Listening Library 2011) has been my traveling companion as audio this week. I finished the final CD about an hour from the house on my way to San Antonio. Finn, along with his two sisters, India and Mouse, are on board a plane heading away from the home they have just lost to foreclosure and a mother who must stay behind to finish the school year as a teacher. The three are heading off to live with their Uncle Red. None of them is happy at all about the move. India is sullen as it means missing parties and her best friend. Finn is concerned about whether his Mom will keep her promise about Henry, their dog. And Mouse is mad because the security folks took away all her ingredients to make a volcano for Uncle Red. After an extremely bumpy landing, the three are met at the airport by a stranger in a feather-covered taxi who drives them to Fallen Bird where they are greeted as heroes. This blend of realism and fantasy works well because the three main characters (they each take turns narrating the events of the story) are created with such care that the reader will identify with all of them. Where are the kids? How can they find their way back home when they no longer have a home? <83>

I am getting ready to walk over to the river to find some good food. Then, if time permits, I will curl up with another book!
Tags: airplanes, family, fantasy
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