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GN goes into outer space

ASTRONAUT ACADEMY: ZERO GRAVITY by Dave Roman (First Second, April 2011) is the first book in a series from :01, First Second Books. Told in a series of vignettes about each of the major players at Astronaut Academy, this book serves to introduce the major players and some of the continuing conflicts I suspect we will see in future installments. The faculty is as diverse as the student body and includes a panda who is, in reality, a spy. Into this mix comes Hakata Soy, aka Wolf Leader, a superhero and the newest student at the academy. Lots of interesting aliens and students and adventures await in this graphic novel. Hakata becomes invloved in the mysteries of the academy immediately though there is still much intrigue left as this opening book of the series ends. <81>
Tags: gn, outer space, superheroes
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