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I'll tell you a tale of vampirates

Vampires and pirates: how much better can a book get? VAMPIRATES is a wonderful adventure story that combines the lore of pirates and vampires and is deliciously open-ended for those who cannot get enough of Grace and Connor and their exploits. Grace and Connor are twins whose idyllic life with their father at the lighthouse comes to an abrupt end at his death. Connor and Grace escape from the clutches of the bank and the orphanage and steal away to sea on their boat. However, it is not long before a storm destroys their boat and sends them plunging into the icy sea. Connor is rescued by a pirate ship and Grace ends up on the deck of the vampirate ship. How can they become reunited?

Justin Somper has created memorable characters in Connor, Grace, Lorcan, Cheng Li, Captain Wrathe, and the others who populate the two ships, especially the insidious and dangerous Sidorio. As the narration flips between the two ships, readers, too, will easily be caught up in the tales there are to tell here and in volumes to come. Plenty of booty, blood, and betrayal will make this an instant classic for readers who enjoy loads of action and suspense.

PS: I corrected the name of the author. Justin Somper. Sorry for the error. My husband accidentally knocked the copy of the galley into the loo and it went for a swim. Needless to say, I have not handled it much until I was able to dry it and disinfect it (he swears it was an accident, but really, VAMPIRATES setting sail in the toilet is too much of a coincidence).
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