professornana (professornana) wrote,

Climbing out of poverty

TRASH by Andy Mulligan has been my audio book for the week as I drive to and from various places. Three young teens, Raphael, Gordo, and Rat, become involved in a wild adventure surrounding a missing $6 million, a map, and a prisoner. Along with the padre who runs the local school for the trash boys and a social worker who inadvertently becomes involved in the mystery, the boys take turns narrating their story. When one of the boys discovers a wallet with cash inside along with a key and a map, the adventure and the danger begins. Along the way the boys begin to understand that the money they are searching for, along with the police, is at the root of a political corruption case. <74>

Multiple narrators ensure that readers get some different perspectives on the activities in the book. Set in an unidentified country (though the boys speak in Spanish accents for the most part), poverty is an accepted way of life for many. While a few have all the wealth, the children of the poor spend time clawing though the trash hoping to find something they can sell or use. The lure of a fortune is one that is at once mesmerizing and dangerous.

Some possible ladders:

Tags: action, adventure, fortune, poverty
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