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My Reading Life

Thanks to friend Judy Wallis for gifting me Pat Conroy's MY READING LIFE (Doubleday 2010) as an early Christmas present. It took a day like yesterday--icy and windy--for me to indulge myself and spend the day enjoying this book, savoring each and every sentence. At one point, I posted online that I could tweet out every other sentence: it was that brilliant (IMHO). Mary Pearson asked for a couple of examples. I obliged, and those have been retweeted countless times. Here is one from early on: "I was a word-haunted boy." The remainder of that paragraph is just lyrical and wonderful. I read it aloud to my better half who is anxious for me to turn the book over to him (he is a South Carolina boy who knows the terrain of the Conroys; there is a Lesesne Gate at the Citadel, too). Conroy pays tribute to the books and people who guided him in his reading life. His homage to teacher Gene Norris is as moving as Mitch Albom's TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, actually more so since the center of this chapter is the English teacher who changed his (Conroy's) life. I do not often find time for adult work (and quite frankly do not miss it much) but I loved Conroy's books and this one is no exception. <73>
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