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ZEBRAFISH by Sharon Emerson (Atheneum 2010) is the story of a group of relative strangers (they all attend the same school) who decide to get together for form a band. Vita seems to be the only member, though, who has an instrument to play and a song to sing. However, she gains inspiration from the other members who help her put together a concert to raise funds for hospital equipment. This graphic novels switches nicely from pastels to dark colors as mood and plot shifts occur. There is plenty of humor to offset the illness of one of the band members. <70>

What I particularly like about this GN is its very non-linear plot. Scenes shift suddenly; another character's story becomes the focus. Readers will be able to negotiate this because of the shift in colors, though. Nice scaffolding and one way to begin to work with readers on aspects of interrupted narrative, stories within stories, etc.
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