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old friends and new books

I spent most of the day at the office either in a meeting or working on a presentation I am giving next month on the changing landscape of literature and literacy. However, I did take a little bit of time to read some newly arrived books.

A CALL FOR A NEW ALPHABET by Jef Czekaj (Charlesbridge 2011) opens with the letter "X" feeling quite unhappy about h is lot in life, being at the end of the alphabet and all. He complains to all the other letters. Finally, he is informed that according to the Alphabet Constitution that, if a majority of letters agree, the alphabet can be rearranged. "X" thinks this is splendid. That night, though, he has nightmares about changing places with other letters and comes to realize that he should be content with his place in the alphabet and in words. Crazy and brightly bold illustrations with a comic book-like format will make this book popular. <68>

I got a sneak peek at this book at ALA Midwinter. My friend and colleague Jeanette Larson has teamed with Adrienne Yorinks for HUMMINGBIRDS: FACTS AND FOLKLORE FROM THE AMERICAS. These mighty little flyers are fascinating and the text provides readers with tons of facts about them. Yorinks' illustrations are done in quilts which give texture and depth to them. In addition to the facts, readers will be treated with legends and tales about the hummingbird from different cultures. <69>
Tags: picture books
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