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07 February 2011 @ 04:18 pm
Picture Book Monday, final installment  

CROAKY POKEY by Ethan Long (Holiday House 2011) is, of course, the frog version of the Hokey Pokey. Frogs put in their various body parts and then chase the fly around in an attempt to pop it into their mouths. The finale has to be seen to be fully appreciated. <65>

HIDE AND SQUEAK by Heather Frederick (Simon & Schuster) will illustrations by C J Payne shows the fun game of a young mouse trying to hide from his father before bedtime. Quiet rhymes show the twitchy youngster as he leads his father on a merry chase. <66>

Esme Codell and Elisa Chavari team up for FAIRLY FAIRY TALES (Aladdin 2011), the tale of a mother trying to coax her child into bed. It begins with the traditional ONCE UPON A TIME followed by some question and answers: KISS? Yes. WATER? Yes. BEDTIME? Noooooo! Now imagine some fairy tales in that same format of Q and A and you have some idea of the fun in store. <67>
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