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switched at birth

It is a common daydream: surely I was switched at birth and this is not my real family? We used to tell that to one of my sisters because her hair was different from the rest of us girls. She must have ben adopted or brought home by the wrong parents. Bronwen feels that way; she even goes through her Phoebe Lilywhite phase (Lilywhite from her favorite flower, a story in and of itself). Bronwen feels especially vulnerable when she and her boyfriend break up the night of Prom because she wants to remain a virgin and he does not agree with that stance. Somehow, though, she survives, thanks mostly to her best friend Kirsten. But it is the presence of the handsome Jared Sondervan that changes Bronwen's life. Suddenly, she has a family: HIS. And they are perfect, just the ones she was meant to have. When Jared proposes, Bronwen is finally happy. He is perfect for her. The families are happy for them both. After all, long engagements are fine. Jared will graduate from college and Bronwen will finish high school and attend college. What could be wrong?

First time author, Erin McCahan (AAL/Scholastic 2010), in I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU SOMEONE ELSE, deals with the complexities of families and friends and romance in this novel. Though funny, there is an edge to it as well, especially the strained relationships Bronwen has within her own family. <55>

We got the ice but no snow. Everything is dripping and melting finally. We might make it out of the house today. It was lovely of the university's early warning system to call and let me know the campus was closed until noon at 5 this morning, right? They called a couple of hours ago to announce the campus would be closed all day. Was not planning on going up there anyhow, but nice to know. Just would have liked to know last night (kinda like Continental canceling my flight and calling me at midnight to let me know).
Tags: family, friends, marriage, romance
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