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February roars in!

OTHER GOOSE by J. otto Seibold (Chronicle Books 2010) contains re-imagined and re-engineered riffs on Mother Goose rhymes. While the size and shape of the book suggest an audience of children, the crazily busy illustrations (with spray painted backgrounds) and zany word play place this book squarely with older readers. Seibold, author of OLIVE THE OTHER REINDEER, knows the parody field well. His rhymes are syncopated and travel far afield from the originals. Jack and Jill are joined by a pickle named Bill; there is an old lady who lives in a sneaker; Old King Coal is a mole, etc. Loads of fun and perfect for an upcoming preso I am working on which involves the changing landscape of literature and literacy. <52>

On a totally different topic, the temps started this morning about 65 (3 am) and are now hovering in the 40s on the way to the 20s overnight. I thought March roared? What's up, February?
Tags: nursery rhymes, parody
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