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Tobin Anderson writes delicious books. From the incredible OCTAVIAN NOTHING to his picture book biographies to his series, it is always a pleasure to encounter a new book by him. I am so looking forward to his keynote at the ALAN Workshop in Chicago.

I do not think enough folks know about his Jasper Dash series. AGENT Q OR THE SMELL OF DANGER is part of the Pals in Peril series that features Jasper and his sidekicks, Lily and Katie. In the last episode, Jasper and pals had saved the monastery of Vbngoom and are attempting to return home to New Jersey. However, the villains of Delaware have other plans. The Ministry of Silence has spies everywhere and before long, the three along with some of their monk friends are trapped. Will Taylor Quizmo be the answer to their prayers? He sure is the answer to his own, stuck up super agent that he claims to be. <46>

This has been my audiobook for the past week. They are wonderfully warm and humorous traveling companions. Mark Cashman does a terrific job narrating what are, in essence, parodies/satires of the old syndicate series by Stratemeyer. Loads of fun to read and to listen to.
Tags: audiobooks, humor, series
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