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The return of Jenna Fox

At ALA Midwinter, MacMillan was kind enough to invite some of us to a lunch with Mary Pearson. There we were presented with the bound manuscript of THE FOX INHERITANCE, a companion to THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX. I finished THE FOX INHERITANCE this afternoon and must say that I am so bowled over. It was kind of like my first reading of JENNA FOX (which has been on my YA book list for a while).

It began with puzzlement (though Mary had told us about how the book came to be and a little hint of the plot) about how Locke and Kara came to be alive. It soon shifted to discomfort as I realized what had been done in the name of science. And finally, there is the nail-biting suspense as I raced to see what would happen to Locke and Kara, especially after they found Jenna Fox more than two centuries after that fateful car accident. <43>

I will not tell more, no spoilers here. Suffice to say, the book stands on its own and absolutely cries for more (tell me there is more to come, please Mary). This book has it all--adventure, suspense, danger, and HEART. While I never envisioned another book about Jenna, this one seemed so natural and unforced, a continuation of a story that examines once again (and from a unique perspective) what it takes to be "human."
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