professornana (professornana) wrote,

why is this book like no other?

A BRIEF CHAPTER IN MY IMPOSSIBLE LIFE by Dana Reinhardt is the book I have been listening to in the car for the last few weeks. It has taken some time to complete because the kids demanded I not listen to it unless they were with me (I did cheat a little at the end). I finished yesterday, with the last scene of the Passover Seder resonating and today at church one of the readings was about Jesus celebrating a Passover meal. Add to that nice coincidence that the sermon included a retelling of "Stone Soup" and you have enough to send chills for me.

Back to the book. What a lovely narrator we have in Simone who meets her birth mother for the first time at 16. Simone also finds first love and perhaps a faith she did not have earlier over the course of this novel. It is a rare coming of age that combines all the emotions and turmoil in the everyday life of its main characters and does so with Simone's wry sense of herself. Simone seems a real teen, one that could walk through any school hallway unnoticed.

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