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plethora of picture books

In JAM AND HONEY (Tricycle Press 2011) by Melissa Morales with illustrations by Laura J. Bryant, a young girl heads off to pick berries to make jam. The rhyming text shows her joy and the task and her happiness about the jam that will result. She meets a bee which interrupts the narrative. Then, the bee talks about its happiness ot gathering nectar from the flowers and what fun it will be. The bee's narrative is also in rhyme. The illustrations are quiet in pastels and the girl looks a bit old-fashioned with her headscarf and jumper. This gives a different feel to the book, a charming story to read aloud. <36>

From the makers of The Quiet Book comes THE LOUD BOOK by Deborah Underwood with illustrations by Renata Liwska (Houghton Mifflin 2011). What is loud: a burp during quiet time, deafening silence, garage avalanches. What a treat visually and verbally as readers explore how sounds can be louder given the situation. <37>

WHAT'S IN THE EGG, LITTLE PIP? by Karma Wilson with illustratrions by Jane Chapman (creators of LITTLE BEAR SNORES) tells of a young penguin who thinks taking care of the new egg is borrrring. Why can't Mom come and play or Dad come and slide. However, all ends happily of course. (McElderry 2010). <38>
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