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MEANWHILE by Jason Shiga (Amulet 2010) is part graphic novel, part choose-your-own-adventure, part puzzle and a whole lot of interaction. As the book opens, the author advises readers about how the book works. After the first page of the story where Jimmy is trying to decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, readers have to make decisions. If they elect one choice, then they follow a series of tubes (colored lines) and tabs to continue the story (many end up quickly with deadly consequences). The book contain s thousands of different combinations of the story. The variations involve a time machine, a mad scientist, a mind reader, and the Killitron. Jimmy's choices affect story outcomes. What is behind all of this? Quantum mechanics. This is a book that in incredibly rich but also incredibly complex. I suspect adult readers will find it more challenging and would love to see younger readers interacting with the tubes and tabs and machinery. <31>
Tags: gn, quantum mechanics
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