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Austen updated

Okay, I have never been a fan of Jane Austen (sorry, not my cup of tea) either in print or film. However PROM AND PREJUDICE by Elizabeth Eulberg (Point 2011) might just make me like Austen a little bit more. After all, the classic must stand up nicely of all of the recent variations are any indication (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, for instance). Here, Austen's story of love and class gets updated nicely as Lizzie Bennett and Will Darcy meet at an exclusive boarding school. Lizzie is a gifted pianist on scholarship there; Darcy is the son of wealthy parents who seems to have formed an opinion about scholarship students even before meeting Lizzie. Lizzie battles the mean girls of the privileged class at school and is baffled by Darcy's odd behavior. Sometimes he appears friendly; other times he resorts to snubbing her completely. Eulberg has fashioned a contemporary version of the classic that will work for those who have read the original and for those, like me, who eschewed it. <30>
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