professornana (professornana) wrote,

thanks for being a SPHDZ!

SPACEHEADZ, BOOK #2 by Jon Scieszka (Simon and Schuster 2011) is a worthy successor to the first book in this crazy series. Back again are Michael K, his mother (a secret agent whose HQ are in a beauty shop), father (an ad man), his friends from another planet Jennifer and Bob, and a class of Kindergarten kids who are all playing Little Red Riding Hood in their school play so they can all be stars. Of course, Agent Umber is also on the case, trying to track down the aliens. Will Michael and his friends get enough Spaceheadz tro prevent the destruction of the Earth? <29>

Zany fun, web sites to view as or after reading, jokes, expired K-rations, and a hamster who is fluent in canine--AND that is just part of the fun readers can have with Spaceheadz!
Tags: humor, middle grade series, schiszka
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