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Arne Duncan has been saying of late that schools need to learn to do more with less. I wonder fi we can apply the same to one of his favorite pasttimes--basketball. How about playing the game wearing the wrong shoes or athletic shoes that are shot so that they cause shin splints? How about playing with an underinflated ball? How about playing on a cracked court with no net and a basket that is rusted and hanging sideways? How does that sound?

I know I am being snarky here, but I am growing weary of this phrase. Spend less on our kids? Our future? Is this who we are and what we want to be as a nation? When millions upon millions of dollars are spent on athlete's salaries, I do not see Duncan or anyone else for that matter asking the NBA or NFL to do more with less. I do not see Wall Street profit takers being asked to do more with less. Somehow, this bothers me deeply.

All of this is backdrop, of course, to the new state test for Texas school children--STAAR (and how many of our kids will grow up thinking the word "star" has two As in it?). The new test will, naturally, mean that scores will recede from where they are now (translation: kids are doing too well on the test and we must raise the bar) and folks will get to point that accusing finger once more at educators and the awful job they are doing preparing kids for college and the work force.

When will we have an Education Secretary who will tell the whole truth about the testing system we have developed at great cost? The cost includes the future of our own kids.
Tags: education, politics as usual, rant, testing

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