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Several of my Twitter pals had raved about Laurel Snyder's PENNY DREADFUL (Random House 2010), so I selected it as one of my #bookaday books. Penelope Grey thinks her life is just fine. She lives in the city in a mansion with servants and tutors, goes on playdates carefully arranged, and has plenty of books to fill in her time. All that changes when her father quits his job and the bills begin to mount up. When Penelope's mother learns she has inherited a house, the family packs up and moves from the city to the tiny town of Thrush Junction, Tennessee. There a metamorphosis starts. Penelope becomes Penny. Dad discovers he has a new skill. Mom becomes the first ever garbagewoman. But better than all that, Penny makes friends and learns that life is best lived being aware of the world around her. <26>

There is so much to love about this book. I do think my favorite tidbits are the shout-outs to children's books including BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA and THE PENDERWICKS. Penny and the rest of the cast of characters are so individual and idiosyncratic, it is hard not to fall in love with them all. Short chapters make this a perfect selection for reading aloud. Tweens will appreciate Penny's search for treasure which parallels her search for herself.

And now I am off to Galveston for the TCTELA conference. I get to present at the luncheon tomorrow with the lovely and talented BOOK WHISPERER, Donalyn Miller. From there, I head another 300+ miles south to teach a YA lit class. Full weekend coming up...
Tags: read aloud, tween book
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