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Just finished the new Alane Ferguson novel, THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER. I have been a big fan of her novels since POISON (dating myself here), a book that still creates a buzz when I booktalk it to middle school kids. This new novel is mystery with a fair amount of CSI forensic stuff involved as Cammie, the 17 year old daughter of the town coroner, finally convinces her dad to let her be his assistant. She wants to study forensics after graduation and figures this will be a sort of on the job trial by fire training time for her. One of her first cases involves someone she knows well, another apparent victim of a serial killer who plants a St. Christopher medal on his victims. Thanks to some skilled observations, Cammie is able to contribute to this mystery. However, the psychic who "saw" the murders just might turn attention elsewhere.

I enjoyed this mystery including the forensic details. I suspect that some readers will as well. I know my own resident teens love CSI and all the gruesome details. I plan to pass this one along to see what they think.

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