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The final installment in the Nathan Abercrombie Accidental Zombie is ENTER THE ZOMBIE by David Lubar (TOR/Starscape 2011). If you have not read any of these crazily funny middle grade novels, make plans to spend some time with Nathan and his pals. Nathan has been turned into a zombie (accidentally as the series title suggests) and that just adds to his other problems (bullies, a gym teacher that seems to have it out for him). As a zombie, though, he has been useful to a secret spy agency (BUM) in helping to foil attempts of RABID to bring more evil into the world. Nathan has two best buddies in the super smart (but hiding it) Abigail and Mookie whose farts can be deadly. What more could a reader want? Here is fast paced action and non-stop hilarity and some gross stuff thrown in for good measure. Students who enjoy seeing the underdog win from time to time and who don't mind some puns and jokes and other forms of humor will cheer this book and perhaps also mourn a bit since it is the last in the series. <21>

Full Disclosure: after I read the book, I did note that David Lubar (who is here on LJ) gave me a shout out in the acknowledgements. I have written about three of the books in the series here. I love Lubar's work in this series and also his novels for older readers, too. But, hey, any book with my name in it can't be bad, right?
Tags: humor, series, tweens, zombies

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